‘Tis the season for holiday spending, or in some cases – overspending. There are ways to avoid racking up large credit card bills and going into debt to cover holiday expenses. First National Community Bank outlines ways you can keep your spending in check and avoid overspending this holiday season with these six helpful tips:  

  1. Set a Budget:  And stick to it. Setting a budget is the first and most critical step in ensuring you don’t overspend during the holidays. Plan on setting the amount you will spend to cover what you can realistically afford. Ideally, this money will come from funds you’ve set aside just for this purpose.
  2. Make a List:  Now that you have your budget set, develop a detailed list of every holiday expense you can anticipate. Include all gifts, travel expenses, holiday food and  décor, charitable donations, etc. Try cutting out any non-essentials and using things you may already have in storage from previous years. Hint: homemade gifts are a great way to save money!
  3. Track As You Shop:  As you shop, keep a careful account of exactly how much money you’ve spent for each person. It is best to use cash or a debit card when shopping, and to review your budget often to make sure you are staying on track. This way, you’ll know how much you’re spending and you won’t be hit with high credit card bills in January.
  4. Think Twice About Big Purchases:  We’ve all heard the saying “sleep on it” and this is a good practice to follow before purchasing anything on the expensive side. Sometimes, after sleeping on it, you’ll find that you don’t need to buy that expensive gift after all -- or you may find the same item somewhere else at a lower price.
  5. Shop Local:  Many local retailers offer deep discounts during the holidays and have one of a kind gifts that are often unique to their specific area. Not to mention, locally owned businesses often have their local communities in mind and offer comparable and often better pricing than larger retailers.
  6. Shop with a friend:  Take advantage of By One Get One (BOGO) sales by splitting the cost of a single item with a friend and each of you taking one item home. Shopping with a friend can also help you keep your spending on track by making them aware of your budget and asking for their support in helping you stick to it. 

Follow our tips to keep your holiday spending in check. As your locally owned community bank of choice, the success of your financial future is top of mind. We offer Personal Checking Accounts, Money Market, Personal Savings Accounts, CDs, IRAsBusiness LoansMortgagesPersonal Loansand much more! To learn more about First National Community Bank’s financial solutions, visit:  fncbank.com